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Back Pain Relief with Acupressure Mat

I’ve introduced this product from a previous post about Gifts for people with back pain but wanted to mention this family of acupressure mats again since having received lots of positive feedback from this website, through my friends and relatives who have used the products.

An acupressure mat, is a self-applied acupuncture device commonly made of a foam mattress covered in cotton sacking and embedded with hard plastic disks containing protruding spikes. Like acupuncture, acupressure mats are used to improve well-being and manage symptoms of various medical conditions, like pain and poor sleep.

The acupressure mat, also referred to as bed of nails, was also covered in CBS News / Health segment in the US a couple of years ago. You can watch it here below.

Check it out on Amazon to see if and to what extent people with serious back pain think about the products. Acupressure mats ratings and reviews.

If you have used the product, please feel free to let me and other people know about how it worked for you. Happy gifting!

Nasal Filters for Allergy Sufferers

3M, the manufacturer of Filtrete, has taken air filter to another, yet personal level: they’ve made allergy nasal filters. These nasal filters are supposed to replace the old face masks and even allergy medicine that many allergy sufferers have been using. The filters are made of thin and breathable materials that you can put in the nostrils. They are also discreet, nearly invisible when put on, but are supposedly effective in filtering out pollen, pet hair, dander, dust etc.

So the next time you need to work outside in the yard, do BBQ, mow your lawn, clean out your cat litter box or handle anything that is dusty and smelly, try those nose filters out. 3M is in fact not the sole supplier, there’re a couple of nose filter providers out there. They all have fairly good rating on Amazon. Check them out yourself!

Eye Allergy – Itchy Eye Relief

This quick post is for those who are suffering from eye allergy and having itchy and watery eye due to seasonal allergy – mostly caused by pollen. I started having eye allergy last year (I’ve had nasal allergy way before that). This over-the-counter eye-drop – Zaditor – works very well on me. The itch stops right after the first use. I continue using it for a couple of days everyday, then stops and somehow the itch just goes away for the whole season. By the way, I’ve also tried Visine initially, but the itch didn’t go away. Zaditor really relieves eye itch caused by allergy!

My sister also gifts one of her colleagues this, and it works on him, too. Check it out and see reviews by other people who have been using it.

Valentine Gifts for Her

Valentine’s Day is around the corner… If you are looking for gift ideas to mark or celebrate your special occasion on this special day, below are some ideas. The way I look at it, there are two ways (only two? you can argue) to approach gifting for Valentine’s, one is sort of romantic gift for those who are younger and still have that energy wanting to make that day exciting and memorable; the other is the kind of gift for those that have been celebrating many Valentine’s Days together, who may prefer a romantic but quieter day/evening but knowing that their other halves are still caring much for them. Hopefully, I’ll cover both.

Chocolate, candies, gift basket, jewelry and flowers are classics but still good for gifting. The only thing is remember to select the one that looks precious and special — just like the other one meant to you. Let’s start with some sweets for this sweet day.

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