Gifts for People with Wrist Pain

Wrist pain

Together with back pain, using computer, computer mouse or exercising (your wrist such as playing tennis or golf) too much and repeatedly day by day without proper support and resting will gradually stiffen the muscle around your wrist and cause wrist pains. The pain will likely go away naturally if you stop doing these same repetitive activities everyday; however, more often people just cannot afford to have that kind of time off for the wrist to heal.

Wrist pain can seriously affects your work and your daily activities as besides the irritating pain, you may also lose the power of your grip. Your hand and fingers become less flexible, making some simple activities like holding things, turning door or car keys, typing, writing etc. suddenly become harder and painful.

If you think the pain is associated with repetitive tasks, below are some gift ideas that may work for you or your friends or loved ones. As always, if possible, consult with your doctors first. For all the products below, it’s best to spend some time to read what other people have to say about using them.

Wrist pain gift #1

Wrist braces

The most common products for wrist problems are wrist braces. It’s common because in most cases wrist pain results from repetitive work that’s involved your hand. My colleagues have used those braces (prescribed by their doctors) and said positive things about them, so hope they’ll work for you, too.

Wrist brace can come under different names like wrist support, wrist stabilizer or wrist splint; regardless of the names, the braces are basically to help give the wrist adequate support and keep it in proper position. Additionally, some braces also provide compression to stimulate blood circulation resulting in an almost immediate decrease of pain and increase of grip and flexibility of your hand, wrist and fingers.

Most wrist braces are easy to wear and take off and are made with “breathable” materials, so that wearers won’t feel uncomfortable when wearing for a long period of time (several hours per days continuously for several months).

Back TENS massager

Wrist pain gift #2

Electronic Pulse Wrist Massager (FDA Cleared)

I introduced this massager in almost every post here and want to re-introduce it here because it has worked great for different people that I knew. The TENS unit works for not just wrist pain, but also for arm, elbow, knee and foot pain etc., which makes buying or gifting this special massager makes a lot of sense because you can use and re-use it extensively for different pain relief purposes. The product has buttons that are clearly labelled with words like “Neck”, “Shoulder”,”Back”, Wrist” etc.

This type of product is categorized under TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) and/or EPM (Electronic Pulse Massager) category. The technology is used widely in sport and pain management. You can search for more details later, but in the meantime you can see more description of the product and why thousands of people have rated this specific Electronic Pulse Masager very high.

Wrist pain gift #3

Wrist heat patches and wraps

If you want a natural way to reduce pain instantly, these heat patches may be useful. Acting in almost the same way as Bengay cream (which by the way has the vanishing scent kind), these heat patches provide continuous and concentrated heat to relax tight muscle, increase circulation and thus relieve pain. You can apply the patch to sore muscles on your wrist and arm. The cool thing about this heat patch is that it’s specifically designed for the wrist and arm and can spread the heat all around the pain area.

Wrist pain gift #4

Cold/Hot Therapy Wrap (Hand, Foot, Wrist, Elbow)

In the same family as the wrist heat patch above, this cold and hot therapy wrap, although not specifically designed for the wrist, can be used for the wrist, elbow, hand and foot. Also, you can use it hot or cold, which is usually recommended in the hold/cold therapy for different kinds of pain relief, to provide more focused heat/coldness to the target area as compared to the traditional ice pack. The gel pack measures 6 inches x 3.5 inches, and there are two hook-and-loop straps to remove the wrap and the gel pad itself. It’s low tech, but it works great!

Wrist pain gift #5

Wrist cushion

This wrist cushion is specifically designed for those who are using the computer and mouse a lot. It provides support and comfort for the wrist and should help relieve overuse injuries. Some products are made with anti-microbial product protection, which as its name imply prevents the growth of microorganisms, including odor-causing bacteria. Several people I know don’t have wrist pain, but they’re still using the cushion because of the comfort and soft to the touch.

Wrist pain gift #6

Ergonomic keyboard and mouse

Like the mouse cushion, these products are for those who are using computer everyday. Ergonomic keyboards are designed to encourage a more natural hand, wrist and forearm position, thus help reduce pains or the risk of having pains. Most keyboards have curved key layout making the keys easier to reach and have buttons that reduce the use of your mouse/wrist activities such as the internet and email buttons, zoom button, sliders…

I have used the ergonomic keyboard and found it comfortable; the ergonomic mouse, on the hand, looks pretty strange with a track ball, and I’ve never used one, so can’t say much here, but want to introduce all the products available out there. Who knows, despite the odd look, you may like it as I saw thousands of people give it pretty good reviews on Amazon. For this kind of device, it may take some time to get used to it, and once you are comfortable with the device, it’ll help greatly in the long run.

Back pain, neck and shoulder pain may cause by your sitting posture, your desk, chair and tools used at work. Since prevention is better than cure, I’ve started a series of posts focusing on the topic of ergonomics. Here you can find content varying from basic knowledge to help keep yourself pain-free plus some good and practical products / gifting ideas to use or share with your friends and loved ones.

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  1. I bought the brace for my wife a while back and happy to say it helped with her wrist pain. Especially the brace helps keep her wrists in the proper position after a minor surgery on one of the wrists.

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