Gifts for People with Arthritis

Automatic jar opener

I had a co-woker in Austin, Texas who has severe arthritis. He got arthritis from some immunization shot since early age. Even now I remember how painful it was for him during winter, and how difficult and painful it was for him to just bend down, or twist a bottle cap.

Most people with arthritis have some sort of physical pains and even physical limitations; like my friend, his fingers were always stiff, and due to the severe pain on his leg, he couldn’t even easily sit or bend down. For someone with arthritis, a gift or a bundle of gifts that would help with getting around more easily, doing chores around the house more easily or would offer comfort and relaxation will be ideal.

Adjustable folding cane

Arthritis gift #1

Adjustable Folding Cane

The reason I’m posting this adjustable folding cane (HurryCane) first because I understand that many people with arthritis have problem with moving around even moving around the house. Although not helping with relieving joint and muscle pain directly, this compact and collapsible cane can help make people with arthritis become more mobile and independent. My friend didn’t use his cane much, but he always carried his folding cane for peace of mind – it would be always there when he needed it. There are also variations of the folding cane where a flash light is also attached to the cane handle, and you can check it out here.

Even though recommending this, I’d suggest you find out first whether your friend/relative who has arthritis would appreciate a cane because honestly a cane is not very flattered to receive.

Grip 'n Grab / Reacher

Arthritis gift #2

Grip ‘n Grab / Reacher

Another product that may not be flattered to receive but extremely useful is the Grip ‘n Grab or a reacher. This product helps make things within reach, thus no more bending down, reaching, or unnecessary moving around, and no more hand, arm, back, hip or knee strain. I bought this for my mom just because I don’t want her to try to reach or stand on a chair to get stuff on the top shelf. The product is available in different lengths, 34″ or 36″ or more.

Bag-Mate Handle Carrier

Arthritis gift #3

Bag-Mate Handle Carrier

Like most gifts introduced here, I didn’t know this kind of product even exists, but it does and is quite simple but very helpful. This Bag-Mate Handle Carrier (similar products are Trip Grip, or EZCarry) help us carry multiple plastic grocery bags or dry cleaning bag at once without putting much stress on the already-painful arthritic fingers and hands. This kind of handle carrier usually has ergonomically designed and soft grip handle.

I don’t have arthritis or anything like that, but I’ve bought and used it for myself every time I go grocery shopping. It’s just more convenient and goes very easy on my hand.

Multi can and bottle opener

Arthritis gift #4

6-in-1 Multi Can & Bottle Opener

Opening cans and bottles is always challenging and sometimes impossible for someone with arthritis. This compact multi can and bottle opener will help make the job much easier and possible. The device is simple and inexpensive but is really a practical and useful gift. I didn’t even know this kind of product existed until I saw my friend using it opening his pain reliever bottle. You’d definitely check out to see more images and description. The bottle opener is small and won’t take much space in a purse or bag back or the glove compartment.

Lids off jar opener

Arthritis gift #5

Automatic Jar Opener

If the device above is a manual device, the jar opener I’m about to introduce is automatic. Anyone that has arthritis in the finger joints will for sure, and I meant for sure, greatly appreciate this gift. The automatic jar opener helps make the painful even impossible chore – opening jar lids – as easy as pie. It is easy to use and adjusts quickly to almost any size jar, and operates at a touch of a button. A must-have item on the kitchen counter for people with arthritis or older people. The two brands that I noticed receiving good reviews and high ratings are the automatic jar opener made by Hamilton Beach and Black & Decker; both brands are very popular in household devices and appliances. This will make your friend’s or relative’s life much easier.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Arthritis gift #6

Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Welcome to the 21st century! If robot still sounds foreign to you, then you’re like me, and we’d need to learn to adapt because robotic devices are here to stay and help us, especially those with arthritis, with chores that are time-consuming and physically-demanding to do.

My relatives have one of these at home although they don’t have arthritis or something like that. I had a close look at the vacuum robot and saw that it picked up dust, hair, pet hair and dirt. The robotic vacuum cleaner also has HEPA filters trap dust, allergens and tiny particulates. It also has a remote control so that you can control it without the need to get up, and most latest models also come with an app for you to control and schedule it from your smart phone. Although not a traditional gift by any means, this will be tremendously helpful to those who are unable to vacuum around the house. There’s also the robotic floor mop and vacuum, which will vacuum the floor first and then mop it.

Deluxe Flexible Sock and Stocking Aid

Arthritis gift #7

Flexible Sock and Stocking Aid

This arthritis-friendly gift is for those who have trouble putting on their socks. The sock and stocking aid eliminates reaching down to your feet to put on socks. The product is specifically designed for those with hip, back and knee problem from arthritis, pain or surgery.

My friend used it and said he would gladly pay more for the degree of independence this product provides. It may take some time to get used to it, but once you got the hang of it, it does the job very well.

Arthritis Globes

Arthritis gift #8

Arthritis Gloves

These latex free arthritis gloves are designed to provide relief to arthritis, hand/finger pain and swelling, and cold hands. The compression from the gloves is to increase blood circulation through the hands/fingers. The arthritis gloves also have open fingertips to make it easier to touch and feel and are made with breathable materials for wearing both night and day. If you buy these as a gift, pay attention to the size. To go with the gloves are the arthritis and compresison socks, so it’s worth checking them out, too.

4 Responses to Gifts for People with Arthritis

  1. Having arthritis myself, I’ve got to say all of the items introduced here are useful for people like me who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Over years, I’ve had all the gift items introduced above and even more (but from different brands or different types), except for the robotic vacuum because I’m old and old-school. However, the robotic vacuum is what has taken me here because my daughter email your website link.

    I’d suggest you add some more small things like key turner and juice carton handle or whatever it’s called. God bless!

  2. I received the automatic jar opener from my daughter as a gift for my birthday. It’s amazing that we have all that hi-tech products available now for people with this problem like me. I started learning to use the internet to search more for products like this. Much appreciated!

  3. I bought the electronic/automatic jar opener for my brother for this Christmas. Not sure how it works, but thanks for the suggestion. He’s my brother, and I didn’t even think of a meaningful gift for him. Thanks for the gift ideas.


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