Gifts for People with Ankle Pain

Continuing with the pain relief topic, another area that is quite easy to get sprained and can cause a great deal of pain and inconveniences is the ankle. My co-worker has just had a sprained ankle after a minor slip on the sidewalk. She felt fine at the time, but a week later, she had to visit the doctor and was ordered to brace her foot with a splint for two weeks. Like wrist, foot or back pain, ankle pain usually comes from over-use, improper posture of the ankle over time, disalignment between ankle and the leg, injury (ankle sprain, fracture) or diseases such as arthritis, gout etc. Some pain can be eased with simple and natural treatment and relaxation technique such as massaging or elevating your feet, while others required special care by a specialist.

Depending on the cause of pain, some of the gifts and products below may be ale to bring relief to your friends or loved ones and hopefully make their daily life less painful and a bit easier.

Pain relief creme

Ankle pain gift #1

Pain Relief Cream

Like with back pain, foot pain or neck pain, one of the first and simplest treatments people usually do is to apply some pain relief cream over the pain area. The cream can be applied on the ankle with a little pressure or no pressure at all depending on the cause of the ankle pain. The pain relief cream can help with blood circulation, thus help reduce inflamation and the pain itself. My mom uses Bengay a lot, and I’m kind of used to the smell, but from looking at what people are using, I gave her a jar of Penetrex for a change, and she liked it and started using it since then for the last 2 years.

Looking at the number of positive reviews of verified buyers, I guess the creme not only worked for my mom, but also for thousands of other people.

Applying pain relief creams is a pain relief solution that many people like to use in addition to other methods and pain relief products mentioned below.

Foot compression sleeves

Ankle pain gift #2

Ankle Compression Sleeves

These ankle compression sleeves are special kind of socks that are designed to ergonomically conforms to the foot for a tight fit around nerves and muscles. These socks can help increase circulation and reduce inflammation, and thus help relieve pain and discomfort in your ankles caused by muscle fatigue, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, edema, etc. The ankle compression sleeves also help with ankle/foot swelling caused by pregnancy; they are tight fit but not overly tight and made with comfortable breathable materials.

The compression sleeves work! My mom used to have severe plantar fasciitis in one feet and have been struggling for months to find some relief with steroids, cortisone shots, physical therapy, braces, inserts etc. She wore the compression sleeves at night and was able to manage to step out of bed by herself in the morning.

Foot ankle brace

Ankle pain gift #3

Ankle Brace

The ankle brace is adjustable and suitable for both women and men and even children. (They do come with different sizes, so you’d need to check the size carefully before buying). It is made from good quality neoprene and nylon and can provide both breathability and mobility. From comments of my colleague, this ankle brace is very well-made and durable. She wore it for almost two months, and her pain stopped while the brace itself was still in good shape. The ankle brace is supportive without being too restrictive! It is great for any activity including: running, hiking, even basket ball or soccer; it provides both support and compression (as compared to the compression socks above). The brand that my colleagues recommended was Zenith but there are different brands of ankle brace out there that can provide the same functionality.

Foot splints

Ankle pain gift #4

Foot Splint

In the cases of plantar fasciitis, a foot splint is among the best solutions to relieve pain. These foot splints are often prescribed by doctors for foot pain sufferers to wear at night to relieve pain and discomfort. Foot splint keeps your foot and ankle in the right position during the night while allowing the right amount of stretch to the plantar fascia. Foot splint may look cumbersome, but they are very practical for people with ankle and heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis. My mom did wear foot splint for about two weeks, and when the pain was reduced, she switched to wearing the compression sleeves mentioned above.

Ankle TENS massager

Ankle pain gift #5

Electronic Pulse Massager (FDA Cleared)

I was considering posting this TENS unit as the first one since it has worked so great for different people that I knew, including my mom and my uncle. The device is effective for different types of pain including back pain, foot pain, ankle pain, elbow and knee pain etc. This multi-function makes this one a no-brainer to buy since you can use and re-use it for different pain relief purposes. This product is labelled under TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) and/or EPM (Electronic Pulse Massager) category, which is commonly used in sport and pain management. Check it out yourself for more description of the product and why thousands of people have rated this specific Electronic Pulse Masager very high.

The only reason I didn’t post it as the first gift idea because the TENS unit may look a little cumbersome, and also not everyone likes the idea of attaching electrodes on their skin.

Hot and cold gel pack wrap

Ankle pain gift #6

Hot & Cold Therapy with Hot/Cold Ankle Wrap

Applying ice over the injured or sore area is often the first line of treatment for different kinds of pain, including ankle pain. This kind of ankle wrap was designed to do just that. Unlike regular ice pack where it’s hard to deliver targeted cold on the pain, you can easily and conveniently place the ankle wrap right on the sore area where the heat or cold is needed the most. The wraps are flexible and can heated or frozen depending on the type of treatment needed for the pain, whether it requires ice or heat. This is a practical and very affordable gift.

This reusable soft, flexible gel wrap can be used for more than just your ankle; you can also use it for back, knee, waist, shoulder and calves if ever needed.

Foot spa

Ankle pain gift #7

Hot & Cold Therapy with Foot Spa

Similar to the hot and cold wrap, a foot spa is usually recommended to go with hold and cold therapy for treating foot pain in general and ankle pain in particular. A foot spa can gently provides stress and tension relief through a relaxing experience. You can just enjoy it while reading, watching TV, listening to music or knitting etc. You can gift a foot spa by itself or add some more items such as some soothing oil or soaking minerals to create a complete foot spa package.

Anti-fatigue mat

Ankle pain gift #8

Anti-Fatigue Mat

The anti-fatigue mats are extremely comfortable to stand on, whether you are wearing sandals, slippers or nothing, bare feet. These foot-friendly mats, however, are not to cure foot and ankle problems, but rather making it more comfortable by providing a softer, more stable and more comfortable surface for you to stand on and do things around the kitchen – cooking, cleaning dishes etc. and standing to work.

If you have ankle pain or foot pain, the anti-fatigue mat will help make it more comfortable to stand on your feet. If you don’t have foot pain, this will definitely provide comfort and possibly help you prevent potential foot pain.

Shoe insoles

Ankle pain gift #9

Shoe Inserts

Shoe inserts like the ones made by Dr. Scholl’s or Polysorb can be a very inexpensive but effective gifts to help control and prevent ankle pain. These insoles are placed inside the shoes to provide proper support for the whole foot, including your ankle. The inserts can be used with most types of shoes. In some cases, you’d need to cut them a little bit to perfectly fit your shoes or your size; other than that, it’s recommended even if you don’t have foot pain of any kind.

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