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Arthritis Causes and Relief

With roughly 53 million adults suffering from some form of arthritis, arthritis has officially become America’s leading cause of disability to date. In fact, by the year 2030, it’s estimated about 67 million people will be diagnosed with arthritis. I have a post dedicated to gift ideas for someone with rheumatoid arthritis. I wrote it while remembering a co-worker who was suffering serious arthritis at early age. Now, one of my relative has recently had arthritis, so I revisit the subject, but today at a very basic level to understand more about arthritis.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Causes and Relief

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is the most common nerve disorders, affecting both men and women of different ages. It is responsible for significant morbidity and occupational absence. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is responsible for more days away from work than any other nonfatal injury. Also, employed women, between the ages of 45-64, report CTS at almost double the rate as men for the same age group (statistics by the CDC).

Carpal tunnel syndrome is aggravated by certain activities and pressures that are put on the wrists. Although carpal tunnel syndrome primarily affects the fingers and the hands, it can travel all the way up your arms and into your shoulders.

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Back Pain Causes and Relief

back pain causes and relief

Here is a little deeper research into back pain, including the causes as well as relief. The research was for my own reference of the terms used for most common back conditions. Since I often take my mom to the doctor, understanding a little background information is always a good thing.

Back pain inhibit millions of people each year, and an estimated 80% of us will experience back pain sometime in our lives. For some, the pain can be excruciating. Back pain can be caused by a large number of conditions or injuries. Back pain that occurs with other symptoms like fever and chills, severe abdominal pain or bladder and bowel problems can be an indication of a serious medical condition, and should be evaluated by your doctor immediately.

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Random thoughts about gift & gifting …

From the dictionary: a gift is something that is bestowed voluntarily and without compensation. Although the definition is fine, it’s a little narrow. Personally, I always feel very rewarding (well compensated emotionally) when giving a gift that brings smiles and joys to someone, either it’s my friend, relative or colleagues.

Gifting is an art…

Also from the dictionary, “gifting is the act or process of giving.” Again, I would really like to expand it to “gifting is the act or process and the art of giving.” Yes, gifting is the art of giving as well. My mom always says it’s important give the right gift to the right person, but it’s even more important to give it the right way. If you have the time and the heart (and the money, of course) to buy someone a gift, why not spend a little more time, put a little more heart into finding out what that person may appreciate more; whether the gift will help solve some of his or her problem such as relieving some sort of pain (back, neck, foot, etc.).

I am lucky enough that I rarely feel obligated to gift someone when occasion comes. However, I totally understand that not everyone can afford to do it the way they want to. Hopefully, through this website, I’ll be able to help you find a perfect gift for your friends and families.

Gifts and Tips to Avoid Back Pain During Pregnancy

Gifts and ideas that can help expecting mothers relieve or avoid back pain

I have a related post about “Gifts for People with Back Pain” in which I introduced some gifts and gift ideas that can help us relieve back pains. Some of the items mentioned such as back braces, back mats or massage cushions are probably not suitable for expecting women. This post is a step further from the first post; here I’ll address how to avoid back pain during pregnancy and some practical gifts that are best suited for pregnant women in relieving and preventing pain. These are the things I collect from my families and friends and from various research.

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Foot Pain Causes and Relief

Foot pain causes

Foot pain causes

I didn’t really care much about foot pain until recently when my mom was complaining incessantly about her foot pain, especially how painful it was for her to stand first thing in the morning. It turned out my mom was not alone; many of her friends have had foot pain, and even some of my friends, who are in their 20s and 30s, also have foot pain.

Pain is like a signal your body is trying to tell you there’s something (wrong) going on, in this case with your foot, and unless you do something about it, the pain is only to get worse with your daily life and activities. The pain could be due to inflammation or misalignment of one or more of the different structures in your foot including bone, joint and ligament or tendon.

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