Gifts for People with Frequent Headaches and Migraines


I love writing about gifts and gift ideas that help us solve the problems we have or at least make them become more tolerable. That’s why the first couple of posts I wrote on Gift ASAP were all about pain relieving gifts — the kind of pains that my friends and relatives and probably yours, too, have been experiencing. This time, I’m turning to a problem that I’ve had — migraine headaches. The headaches can come out of the blue or can be triggered by anything from strong smell (of perfume or smoke), bright sun light, heat, noise, caffeine or stress and deadlines.

When the headache strikes, I don’t want to do anything, just want to lay down, close my eyes and rest. If it strikes at work, I turn off the light, take a cup of warm tea, and close my eyes for several minutes from time to time — small things that help get me through the day. Below are some products and gift ideas that people with frequent headaches will appreciate.


Soothing eye mask

People with migraine tends to be sensitive to light, especially when the headache strikes. The eye masks, more specifically the soothing kinds are designed to conform to the face and eyes and block out light completely. Most eye masks are made of breathable materials and some have the smooth ergo-beads and some sort of cushion inside creating gentle massaging effect around your eyes. For more soothing effect, place the mask in the freezer before using.


Migraine glasses

Again, bright sun light is often the most common and most serious trigger causing headaches and migraines. A pair of migraine glasses or a new pair of sunglasses may go a long way, especially for those who commute to work or have to work outdoors a lot. The thing about migraine glasses is that although they look like regular sunglasses, they’re not the same. Migraine glasses are usually tinted and dark even for indoor use and a good pair may cost more than an average pair of regular sunglasses.


Herbal tea

I always have a collection of herbal tea bags with assorted flavors including ginger, mint and chamomile at home and work. Most of the times, any of these flavors would work for me; however, sometimes I like one more than the others. A high quality box of herbal, non caffeine tea bags may come in handy and will always be appreciated. Warm tea and its flavor is believed to reduce symptoms associated with migraine headaches such as nausea, stiffness and high pressure in the neck, face and head areas.


Neck massager and microwavable heat pad

For some people, when migraines strike, their necks become tense and painful. A neck massager and/or a microwavable heat pad to deal with the pain and tension may be a thoughtful gift. I don’t have a neck massager but own a microwavable heat pad and use it a lot to help with the chill and tension during the headache. Also, think about it, our neck and head are connected, so relieving pain and tension in one area (the neck) may result in a relief of ache in the other area (the head).


Aromatherapy oils

This is sort of a tricky gift because one of the things that trigger migraine headaches is smell. A strong smell from perfume, lotion, air spray, candle or even flower can send someone with frequent migraines from a happy state to a miserable land. I haven’t used any of these aromatherapy oils, but have heard lots of good stories about them, so I wanted to introduce them here. Somehow the good old Asian eucalyptus oil, which can be found in almost every Asian stores, works for me.


Window film and window curtain

This is not a straight forward gift as it requires installation; that’s why I listed it last. However, if someone you know has frequent headaches or migraines and his or her house/room doesn’t have sufficient window treatment that blocks out sun light when needed, and installation won’t be an issue, the window film or a new set of window curtain is in deed a great gift and a great gesture from your part.

Hope this helps and until next time!

4 Responses to Gifts for People with Frequent Headaches and Migraines

  1. It sounds like this is your first migirane? Never been diagnosed before? It all depends on the doctor and their initial review of your particular situation. I would recommend that you see your regular doctor for an rx and keep it with you at all times so you can take it when needed. It’s a pain reliever, muscle relaxant, and vein constrictor all in one. Good luck.

  2. I have frequent headache, too. Just somehow got it since last year. Thanks for sharing this. I guess I’ll try the tea and the aromatherapy oil to see how it goes. All the best!

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