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Arthritis Causes and Relief

With roughly 53 million adults suffering from some form of arthritis, arthritis has officially become America’s leading cause of disability to date. In fact, by the year 2030, it’s estimated about 67 million people will be diagnosed with arthritis. I have a post dedicated to gift ideas for someone with rheumatoid arthritis. I wrote it while remembering a co-worker who was suffering serious arthritis at early age. Now, one of my relative has recently had arthritis, so I revisit the subject, but today at a very basic level to understand more about arthritis.

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Gifts for People with Arthritis

Automatic jar opener

I had a co-woker in Austin, Texas who has severe arthritis. He got arthritis from some immunization shot since early age. Even now I remember how painful it was for him during winter, and how difficult and painful it was for him to just bend down, or twist a bottle cap.

Most people with arthritis have some sort of physical pains and even physical limitations; like my friend, his fingers were always stiff, and due to the severe pain on his leg, he couldn’t even easily sit or bend down. For someone with arthritis, a gift or a bundle of gifts that would help with getting around more easily, doing chores around the house more easily or would offer comfort and relaxation will be ideal.

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