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Following the previous post about “Gifts and Tips to Avoid Back Pain During Pregnancy,” this post is about gifts and gift ideas for the moms-to-be. I’ll re-use some of the ideas mentioned in the previous article but with additional details. Expecting mothers, no matter how experienced, need lots of help and support from friends and families to get through the nine long months of pregnancy safe and sound and the months that follow to take care of the baby. Some gifts to show your support, appreciation and encouragement would be nice. Below you can find gift ideas that will do just that by helping moms-to-be feel more comfortable, more appreciated and more beautiful (again).

Pregnancy Spa Pampering Kit

This is not just another spa kit you find at a department store or online. The spa pampering kit is specifically put together to pamper mom-to-be with all natural and organic ingredients that expect to provide head to toe comfort for pregnancy’s common discomforts. The product has received very good reviews on Amazon. Here are some reviews – who said it better than the ones that actually gift or use the product: Definitely worth getting for your wife. Solid product that gives a lot more than it costs… I love this, I have used it and also bought them as gifts for friends when they get pregnant! They make excellent gifts and the women I have given them to love them. I would recommend this for any woman who wants to feel special while she’s pregnant.

Useful and Highly Recommeded Pregnancy Book

While helping expecting moms feel pampered and relaxed is essential (for both moms and the babies), helping them knowing what to expect and feel sure/empowered about what to happen next is of equal if not greater importance. Useful books are to do just that. Mayo Clinic “Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy: From Doctors Who Are Parents, Too!”. The book received almost a perfect 5-star rating from hundreds of reviews on Amazon. “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” is another good book with tons of positive reviews. I’ve read both books – both were given by my co-wokers – and in fact either one of them will serve expecting moms just fine with lots of knowledge and helpful tips.

Maternity support belt

A maternity support belt is specifically designed for expecting women to help with back pain by providing steady support to both the lumbar and abdominal areas. This type of belt is often made with lightweight, well-ventilated and elastic material that is cool and soft to the touch. The belt is also adjustable to accommodate the growth of the belly throughout pregnancy. Variations of this product include maternity belly support band, tummy sleeve and the like.

Glider and Ottoman

This pair of glider and ottoman is, to many people, one of the best things that moms-to-be will appreciate during and even after pregnancy. The glider provides a smooth glide motion and helps expecting mothers (and babies) experience a soothing and relaxing feeling. It is perfect for getting pressure off the women’s feet, and for relaxing while in the nursery or for feeding the baby later on.

Prenatal body pillow

This type of maternity and nursing body pillow is to support thus reduce pressure in multiple areas from the neck to the abdomen, back and hips of moms-to-be. The body pillow provides support and relaxation when needed the most: during rest and sleep. Many people have said good things about the pillow, so check it out!

Stretch mark cream

This is possibly the least expensive but at the same time the most recommended product by doctors and other expecting moms. Stretch mark occurs to the majority of pregnant women especially at the later stages of pregnancy. Stretch mark cream in general or Palmer’s cocoa butter in particular helps keep the skin moisturized and allow it to stretch without tearing. The cream not only helps prevent new stretch mark but also proves to improve the appearance of old stretch marks. Expecting moms will need to use quite a few tubes during pregnancy, so you don’t have to worry whether they’ve bought one for themselves already.

Soft foot-bed shoes and sandals

Comfortable Shoes

As mentioned in other post, don’t forget the fact that expecting moms have to carry extra weight on their back and feet, so foot pain and back pain are very common issues. A pair of soft footbed sandals or slippers made by Orthaheel, Birkenstock or other comfort shoes makers can help a great deal.

While the above gift ideas should offer great level of care and comfort to the moms during pregnancy, the whole pregnancy and nursing process doesn’t end when the little one arrives but continues after that. Some gift ideas below should be very helpful. More ideas can be found on a subsequent post “Gifts for Expecting Mothers – Got Milk?”

Postpartum Support

Gaining weight, feeling heavy, feeling fat, swollen about the whole body or squishy in the middle are the common complaints from moms after their little ones arrived. One popular product that really helps with tightening and shrinking the stomach area and making the women feel good about their body again is the postpartum support. This product should be comfortable to wear (although it may be or feel a little tight at first) and should give the moms the confidence to fit back into their Jean’s.

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  1. If possible, I guess pregnant women need all of these gifts, and even more. Foot pain, stretch mark, back pain, feeling overwhelmed etc. The 2 books mentioned above are really worthwhile. Your doctors can only do so much during a visit; what I learnt mostly was from the book.

  2. The rocking chair and stretch mark cream are good ideas! My favorite gifts for pregnant women are the personalized maternity shirts at Be Here

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