Gifts for Expecting Mother – Baby Diapering and More

Babies eat, sleep and you know it,… poop. While the previous post Gift for Expecting Mothers – Got Milk? presented essential items to help expecting mothers with feeding the baby, this post is more about products to help with cleaning up after the babies. Besides diapers, which is of course the most obvious, there are many more stuff that you may not know they eve exist and can gift to help future moms and dads feel less intimidated with this least exciting but extremely important task.

Stuff that make people laugh

In a baby shower party for my co-worker, everybody was bursting into laughter when seeing what came out of a well-wrapped gift box: a pack of 3M dust mask with a note “For your nose. You will thank me later!” Well, that was a little extreme, but it really put a big smile on everybody’s face. Plus, who knows your friends may actually use them.

Expanding the above idea, you can build the whole suite of related products such as gloves (“For your hand. You will thank me later!”), dark glass (“Poo will no longer look that yucky!”), or some Febreze stick and refresh (“Poo never smells this good!”). Ew, I know, but in context of a baby shower, imagine how much fun these can bring. Also, these gifts will be useful one way or another.

Putting jokes aside, for diapering, there are tens of different kinds of products that have the word “diaper” in them. First of course is the diaper itself. Buying diaper, is like buying pants for the baby, you need to buy the right size or else stuff is going to leak or fall out. Not fun :). Pampers has a separate line for newborn and the boxes have “N” (for Newborn). I saw my friend recommend Swaddle diaper saying that its good, tight, but soft.

Baby Wipes

Together with diapers, baby wipes are a definite must have and a “safe” gift in a sense that for sure your gift will be appreciated and used. Baby wipes are an easy buy. There are basically two kinds, scented and unscented; both can come in large box or small on-the-go container.

Baby wipe warmer

This baby wipe warmer will keep the baby wipes warm and make diaper changing more enjoyable for the baby and easier and less messy for mom and dad. Why less messy? Simply because babies are sensitive to cold temperature, and they don’t know how to hold it just yet. Cold wipes often make them pee while the change is in progress. I heard many cute stories that moms and dads had to change their clothes after changing diaper for their babies.

Diaper bag

This is a fairly large tote that usually comes with a changing pad, wipes case and extra compartments and pockets for baby bottle, baby food etc. Diaper bag is a must-have providing convenience for mom for a short or longer trip. Mom can load everything she needs in this one bag and just grab it when heading out. Diaper bags come in various designs, the majority of those are more for women with flowery pattern and stuff. There may be design that doesn’t make a man feel so uncomfortable wearing it. Don’t forget about the man; he’s part of this, too!

Diaper Disposal

Many people don’t like mixing soiled diaper in the household trash can and would appreciate the diaper disposal. This is like a separate trash can for soiled diaper, which has better air ventilation and air tight. In my family, many times we use grocery/plastic bags to keep the soiled diaper in and throw it in the household trash can; no separate can for used diapers. Instead of grocery plastic bag, you can also buy diaper disposal bag, which was specifically made for this job.

Diaper Organizer/Diaper Stacker

Babies are tiny, but things to serve them are so many. Expecting moms and dads will find their houses or apartments become cluttered very often very quickly. Diaper stacker/diaper organizer will help cut the clutter down, especially in the baby’s room or around the changing station.

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